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Identify the Cricketer?

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Who holds the T20I cap number 1 for Nepal?

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Which year did Nepal gain One Day International (ODI) status?

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Who too the first international hat-trick for Nepal?

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When did Nepal win ICC World Cricket League Division Five?

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Who did Nepal play its first ODI home match against?

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Who was the first Captain of Nepal?

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Which Team did Nepal beat in Final when they won ICC U19 World Cup Plate Championship?

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Which Nepali cricketer is nicknamed "Crisis Man"?

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Who holds the ODI cap number 1 for Nepal?

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Which of the following Year did Nepal win ICC World Cricket League Division Three?

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Identify the Cricketer?

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Identify the Cricketer?

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Identify the Cricketer?

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In which year did Nepal reach quarter finals of ICC U19 Cricket World Cup ?

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Who holds the record for the highest individual score by a Nepalese batsman in an International T20 match?

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Against which team did Nepal score 300+ runs in ODI cricket for first time?

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Who is the first Nepali Umpire to officiate in an ODI match?

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Who is the first ever Nepali cricketer to take a hat-trick and register a five-wicket haul in T20 internationals?

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Who is the only bowler to take all 10 wickets in an innings in Domestic Tournament of Nepal?

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